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When You Are Ready This Is How You Heal, by Brianna Wiest

You've been running long enough, time to start healing, and this will help.

I'm ready!

Calm Collection

Take a little time for you

  • Calm Strips

    Get Your Calm On! Calm strips are a convenient sensory sticker that you can stick on any available serface to touch, scratch and rub your stress energy away!

    *Reusable * Residue-free * Used in over 5000 schools * Each package contains five Calm Strips.

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  • Journals and Affirmations Collection

    Affirmations are not just feel good sentiments, if utilized correctly they can change the neural pathways in our brains, creating lasting change.

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  • Yoga Collection

    If there is one practice that I recommend over and over for clients, and anyone hoping to relieve stress and experience greater physical health, it is yoga. At Sundog, we have you covered so you can enjoy your yoga practice, whether at home or in the studio.

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