About Us


 Hi, I'm Maureen. Welcome to Sundog Wellness, thanks for stopping by! For the past 15 years I have been working in the field of counselling, and living with my daughter, partner and our dog Finn in Brooks, Alberta. My clients, my life, and well lets be real- the world have all inspired me to consider wellness in terms of a wholistic lifestyle. So the carefully curated products you will find here at Sundog Wellness have been selected based on my top 8 recommendations for lifestyle wellness: 

Incorporate a yoga practice (even 10 or 15 minutes a day)

A LUXURIOUS bath doesn't solve the problem, but it can make us  feel like a Goddess (even if that's a Goddess of war)

Time in nature is free, and one of the greatest healers of all

A good nights sleep is necessary for our cognitive and emotional health

Journaling can give us insights, and put life into perspective

Mindfulness and using the breathe can change the actual brain structure! 

Gratitude and affirmations are more than trends and nice words, if done properly they can make lasting changes in how you move through the world

Finally, if all else fails, or your coffee was extra, extra, and life is just too much a bit of sensory distraction can get us through the day

I hope that you will be inspired to live well, so you can feel well. 

Love Maureen 🤍