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Hugimal Weighted Stuffed Animal

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Meet Darby the Bear! A therapeutic anxiety-reliver disguised as a cuddly plush friend. Charlie gives the perfect hug to create comfort, calm and focus for your child, teen or even yourself! Hugimal's Deep Touch Pressure is research-supported to stimulate a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you feel grounded, comforted and calm. 

Weighted pressure can also help with focus, making Hugimals the perfect study buddy. 

Full-body weighted hugs, with the glass beads distributed throughout evenly. 


4.5 lbs of non-toxic beads evenly distributed throughout 

Patent-pending insert is removable so you can machine wash Darby when he needs it

Developed with doctors and therapists 

The winner of awards for children's toys, and mental health

Ages 3 and up

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