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Beet Mylk - Beet Superfood Latte

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Beauty and the Beet

A beautiful and delicious pink latte blend with superfoods beetroot, cinnamon, vanilla bean and cordyceps. 

More than just a pretty pink hue, this super beet latte brings the flavour and food feels. Organic beets, warming spices and vanilla bean join forces with power plants maca and cordyceps to provide a delicious, caffeine free boost. 


80 g or 30 servings


Tumeric*, Cinnamon*, Ashwagandha*, Maca*, Nutmeg*, Black Pepper*, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, (*Organic). 


Beet Latte: Whisk 1 tsp Beet Mylk wtih 1-2 tsp sweetener + a splash of water to combine. Top with 1 cup frothed or hot milk. 



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